Meet the Staff

Steve, Supervising Editor: Steve’s been dedicated to Flyway and has been the faculty member on staff for years–he rescued Flyway. When Steve isn’t out sled-dogging, teaching, or coordinating events/classes/students/faculty in the MFA program, he’s busy advocating for the program, planning trips to Ireland, and writing. Basically he’s somewhat like Superman, only he’s too cool to wear tights, or garish primary color combos. Steve’s superpower is teleportation.

Liz, Marketing Director: Liz enjoys writing in all the genres and tends to explore the darker side of human nature in her writing. She enjoys baking and cooking, biking, swimming, (sometimes running), and spending time with her dog, among other things. Liz is a transplant to the Midwest and although she enjoys it for half the year, she has decided she is not a fan of cold winds or lots of snow. Currently, she is finishing her thesis, a nonfiction book about love, loss, and overcoming overexercise disorder. She is also working on a lyric (poems) young adult novel. This is her third year on the staff of Flyway and in the Iowa State Creative Writing & Environment MFA program.  Liz has the ability to bend time and space.

Brenna, Managing Editor: Brenna has written in all of the genres, as well as dabbling in journalism and screenwriting, but she enjoys writing fiction most.  She once visited Tennessee Williams’ house in New Orleans  and mooned over the books in Faulkner’s Pirate Alley home-turned-bookstore.  The people she was with found this rather amusing.  She enjoys baking, cooking, working with animals, promoting environmental awareness (and insists that, yes, one person can make a difference), and being outdoors in general.  A good cup of tea is a plus.  Originally from South Florida, she has traded in her flip-flops for scarves while working towards her MFA in Creative Writing and Environment at Iowa State University.  This is hersecond year on staff. She has a sixth sense for animal emotions. However, she’s not a bleeding heart. We promise.

Gen, (Fiction Editor) Gen enjoys watching Zoolander when she needs a break from the grind of the MFA program and teaching freshman and sophomore composition. She’s run two half-marathons and enjoys biking–she grew up on the side of a mountain! She is a second year in the MFA program at Iowa State. Gen has a sixth sense for finding humor in the absurd.

Xavier, (Poetry Editor): Xav is a first year in the MFA program and is the brother of the performance artist of Penny Arcade. He lived on an island with Allen Ginsberg for the last four years of Ginsberg’s life. He says: ” I am interested in the trenches of humanity, the “FRONT” of the points of intersection between love and hate, honesty and scam. I am interested in the human spirt that is exhausted by nutrition and sleep deprivation, starving and the glutton. Wax on wax off.” Xav’s superpower is unyielding–but realistic–enthusiasm and energy for new projects.

John, (Nonfiction Editor): John is a first year in the MFA program, although he worked extensively on his undergraduate literary journal at Valpo. He likes camping, bonfires and singalongs and has the same persistent Iowa-induced allergy that seems to strike all first years (and some second and third years). John is possessor of the magic hat.

Breanna (Design Editor): Breanna’s wonderful work goes into matching colors between the cover and the inside cover art, as well as in design of everything from ads and flyers to our t-shirts (for sale!) and posters at special events. The pretty things in Flyway simply would not happen without her. Her superpower is the ability to see things that aren’t there (and then make them materialize!).

Sheryl, (Technical Support) Sheryl’s the one that makes these issues come together in the end. She works on layout and logistics, and then is the person to get them into YOUR hands! Sheryl’s superpower (even if she hasn’t realized it yet) is her ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound!


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